Video .. Details of the meeting of “Lady of the Rain” and Yasmine Sabry – site news – follow-ups


After the “Lady of the Rain” picture spread on social media in Egypt, the Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabry expressed through a tweet she posted on her Twitter account, her desire to help the elderly lady.

Nemat Abdel Hamid, known in the media as “The Lady of the Rain”, said during a TV interview with the “Egyptian Satellite Channel” in the “Ninth” program presented by the Egyptian journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi, that the Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabry called her, confirming that she announced that she was “fully sponsored by all her expenses.” “.

Abdel Hamid indicated that she “did not meet Yasmine personally because of her presence outside the country,” adding that the Egyptian actress “sent delegates to her to fulfill her requests,” after a call made to her and her husband, the Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima.

And she continued: “The artist, Yasmine Sabri, spoke to me when she knew my story, and she told me that I will take care of you and my determination to meet her,” noting that she has been working for 25 years, and will not give up her work, even after providing assistance to her, because she will not close the “door of livelihood open to God.”

The Egyptian actress, Yasmine Sabry, confirmed earlier, that she had contacted the elderly lady, whose photos were widely circulated on social media last Friday, indicating that helping this lady and meeting her requests is “an honor.”

Some of the pioneers of social media circulated a picture of Sabri while she was in her private plane, and compared it with the picture of “Lady of the Rain”.

Sabri commented on the two pictures, saying, “I always try to see the positive part of any misunderstanding. “.




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