Video .. Darine Helmy appears in Tamer Ashour’s dress at the Miss Egypt 2020 coronation ceremony


Darine Helmy, Miss Universe for Tourism and International Culture of Egypt for the year 2019, appeared at the coronation ceremony of Miss Egypt “Miss Egypt” wearing a ring from her former fiancé, artist Tamer Ashour.

Darren hinted 3 times that she would completely cut her relationship with him after the engagement was annulled, and she refused to talk about him, but she also hinted that she was still wearing a ring in her hands, and was satisfied with the accessories.

2 Darren Helmy

Darren wore a sparkly off-white dress with a Miss 2019 crown over a streamlined hairstyle and soft makeup.

Darren Helmy
Darren Helmy

Darren announced her separation from singer Tamer Ashour last May, after they announced their engagement in September 2019 and they broke up in November and then announced their engagement again. Ashour declined to comment on the ad.

The coronation ceremony of Miss Egypt will be held tonight in a hotel in Cairo, where the jury headed by Dr. Amal Rizk selects Miss Egypt 2020 from among 20 contestants.


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