Video Basem Yakhour crying for his distance from his two sisters: “Our sons do not know each other.”


Mahmoud Salah Sunday, 29 November 2020 – 20:20

Basem Yakhour was a guest on the “This is me” program shown on the “Abu Dhabi” channel, where he talked about his relationship with his two sisters, who sent him a message while he was on the program.

Basem Yakhour listens to his sister Dalia and Dima’s messages on “This is Me” program

Basem Yakhour sent each of his sisters Dima and Dalia a message to him on the “This is me” program, after many years of not meeting them, and his sister Dima, who is in the United States, expressed her feeling of pride. The Gulf and her sons have succeeded in Basem Yakhour and said: “Habib my heart Basem No You imagine how much I miss you, and my wish is to meet again, my children will be happy as soon as they see you on the screen, and God willing, soon we will meet with our children, and my sons are proud of you, and I am also proud of all your successes. “As for his sister Dalia who is in Canada, she said in her message: “Basim is not only my brother. He is a friend and supporter, and a very dear person to my heart. I am happy that I was able to meet him last year, and I hope that we will meet again soon.”

Basem Yakhour is crying because he is away from his sisters

Basem Yakhour did not hold back his tears after he listened to the message of each of his sisters and expressed his sadness for being away from him for these long years due to working conditions abroad. He said: “Dima my younger sister has lived in the United States of America for many years and is married to a very successful heart surgeon and she is an engineer. Amara, and for nearly 15 years she has been there. As for my sister Dalia, she lives in Canada, studied French, and now works in an important bank there. I am proud of the success of both of them and they are a source of pride for me. ”

Basem Yakhour: “What hurts me the most is that our children do not know each other.”

Basem Yakhour revealed what hurts him most because of his sisters’ distancing from him, as he explained that their sons do not know each other because of these long years of estrangement and lack of meeting, and this is what is painful for him and he is unable to bear it, so he said: “The painful for me is far from any circumstances. For many years, my sister Dima, for more than 10 years, I have not seen her. As for Dalia, I have not seen her for many years either, but last year we met in Syria, and what is considered more painful is that our children do not know each other. ”

Basem Yakhour also talked about his suffering with studying. He said: “I was not a good or hardworking student in the school, but a less than normal student. I hated school because of the repression of my colleagues and some teachers, and school was a nightmare for me because of being bullied in it, but one of the teachers helped me in developing My talent for writing and acting. ”

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