Video and photos .. NASA discovers a treasure “hidden” in the arid African desert


Scientists from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland spotted a wonderful discovery in arid regions, especially in the African Sahara.
Scientists noted this great discovery, which was considered a “natural treasure” after using supercomputers to analyze satellite images taken by the agency of the planet.

The team drew a map of the planet using these computers, which were equipped with developed machine learning algorithms that were able to detect and count small details on the Earth that had not been previously observed, and analyze geographical images and the resulting maps.

According to the specialized scientific journal “scitechdaily”, scientists have discovered billions of new trees that grow in places that were expected to be arid desert, which is a good indicator for scientists and nature lovers.

The developed computers were able to map the “crown diameter” of each tree, that is, an image of the tree when viewed from the top, and the devices detected more than 1.8 billion trees across an area of ​​more than 500 thousand square miles (one million and 300 thousand km) in the Central African Sahara region only.

The areas of the “crown diameter” allocated for these trees varied, and their size changed according to rainfall and regions.

The use of high-resolution images and strong artificial intelligence represents a technical breakthrough for mapping and measuring the proportions of tree distribution in the world, and the study will also examine the proportions of carbon that are stored in these areas, which are vital information and very important to understanding the carbon cycle on Earth and how it occurs.

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