US Toughness With Hariri: Excluding Hezbollah or …


Private political sources confirmed to “Arabi Post”, that “the Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri learned of the firm American position on Washington’s rejection of Hezbollah’s attempts to penetrate the next government, and that was during Hariri’s meeting with the American ambassador in Beirut, Dorothy Shea.According to the source, “Shi’a told Hariri that its administration is serious in its stance towards preventing Hezbollah from expanding and participating in Lebanese political life, and that making any deal with the party and allowing its participation in the government to be formed will expose it – that is, Hariri – to American sanctions, like other personalities who were partners.” Him in power during the previous years. ”

Shea stressed that “naming ministers by Hezbollah in independent or technocratic formulas, as it did previously by naming non-partisan ministers (Jamil Jabak, Hamad Hassan and Imad Hoballah), even if this representation is encased with American citizenship for potential ministers, like the experience of Hassan Diab’s government, will make Hariri a target. Direct to the US sanctions. “

A diplomatic source affirms, “Hariri, after his meeting with the American side, communicated with the French presidential cell in charge of the Lebanese file, headed by the French President Emmanuel Macron’s advisor for Middle East affairs, Patrick Durrell,” and told Dorrell what he had heard from the American side about sanctions, the government and Hezbollah, and that the options are not In his favor, especially as the country is on the verge of a major economic crisis and an accelerating collapse.The source also confirms that Dorrell advised Hariri to wait and keep his assignment paper in his pocket, and Dorrell confirmed to Hariri that Paris rushed to contact the administration of the US President-elect Joe Biden’s team to discuss the critical files during President Donald Trump’s term, and that the team confirmed to the French Presidential Palace the French initiative. In Lebanon, as it addresses the main aspect of the reforms agreed upon between the countries of the international community to aid Lebanon, and accordingly, according to the source, Hariri decided to wait for the next stage until Biden is crowned in the White House. ”

The American ambassador said in an intervention during a seminar organized by the Beirut Institute for Studies, on Wednesday, that the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, is a clear example of how Washington is holding accountable the corrupt, and stressed that “the Lebanese state must make immediate reforms,” ​​pointing out that “the Lebanese government Every year, approximately half a billion dollars are deprived of customs revenues at the port and airport. ”

She revealed that there are files on Lebanese personalities in Washington, which are being studied under the banner of sanctions related to corruption or terrorism.


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