UK Minister: Netflix should alert that “The Crown” is inspired by fiction


Oliver Dowden, Britain’s Minister of Sports, Culture and Information, called on Netflix to warn viewers at the start of every episode of “Crown” that the show is inspired by fiction.
“It’s a beautifully filmed work of fiction, and as with other TV products, Netflix has to be clear from the start,” Dowden said. Without that, I fear that a generation of viewers who did not indulge in these events may mistake imagination for reality, ”according to the Mail newspaper.

The minister is expected to submit a formal request to the broadcast service and ask them to add a warning before each episode.

According to the newspaper, the anxiety was caused by the fact that the scenes narrated by screenwriter Peter Morgan harm the British monarchy, especially Prince Charles of Wales.
According to information published on the “Netflix” website, the series tells the story of political battles and love affairs during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the events that affected the course of history in the second half of the twentieth century.

The series won a Golden Globe for Best Drama, and actors Claire Foy and John Lithgow won Emmy Awards. Season 4, covering the events of the 1980s, was released on the platform on November 15.


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