UEFA Champions League news Because of Corona … only one player controls the fate of the Barcelona match and Dynamo Kiev!


Very miserable news.

Spanish press reports revealed today that Barcelona’s confrontation against Dynamo Kiev is contingent on the results of the Corona virus tests that will be released today.

This came according to “Mundo Deportivo” newspaper, which confirmed that the Ukrainian club currently has only 13 players for the match.

The newspaper stated that the tests, the results of which will be announced within hours, may cause the confrontation to be postponed if the result is positive for only one of the 13 players available.

Corona hits the Kiev dynamo and the Barcelona match is in danger!

November 2

Facing a match Barcelona Dynamo in front of Kiev Champions LeagueAnd, scheduled for Wednesday at Camp Nou, the specter of a postponement after the Corona virus raided a number of Ukrainian club players.

According to Dynamo Kiev, the latest tests have confirmed that six players have been infected with Corona, namely Nikolai Shaparenko, Alexander Karavayev, Georgi Tsitschvili, Denis Garmash, Dane Mikel Doylund and Romanian Theodor Palota.

This is in addition to the injury of Lucescu’s assistant coach, Emile Carras, and four other technical staff, which threatens to hold the match on time if the number of injured rises to more than that.

The European Union’s health protocol stipulates that a total of 13 players will be injured in order to postpone the match, and with yesterday’s injured in training normally, it is expected that Dynamo Kiev’s injuries will reach this limit.

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Communication is currently underway between UEFA and the health authorities in Catalonia in order to make the appropriate decision, and the latter requested that the players undergo further checks on Tuesday morning to resolve the matter once and for all.

The Ukrainian club will train at the Camp Nou stadium at 7 pm on Tuesday, and with the examinations that will take place in the morning, the results will come before the date of this session and at that time the final decision will be made about playing the match or postponing it.

It is worth noting that Barcelona tops the group standings with six points, followed by Juventus and Dynamo Kiev with three points each, and Ferencvarushi is at the bottom without a score of points.


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