Two shocking reasons behind Amr Diab’s separation from El-Sherbiny … their rejection of the “plateau” so his girlfriend went crazy.


The audience is still closely watching the fate of the artist’s relationship Amr diab With his sweetheart Dina El-Sherbiny News spread about the reasons for the disagreement that led to the souring of that relationship and talk of the couple’s separation.
Sources say that the dispute that surfaced on the seventeenth of this month is the third between Diab and Al-Sharbini, so that it became clear that there were two disagreements that had occurred between them previously and that were not revealed.
It turned out that Dina El-Sherbiny had asked Al-Hadba to officially announce their marriage to the public, to be like other stars.
As for the second thing, it is Dina El Sherbiny’s desire to have children with Amr Diab.
According to what is circulated, Amr Diab categorically rejected these two conditions, we have El-Sherbiny.
The love affair between Amr Diab and his lover Dina El-Sherbiny began 3 years ago, during which they appeared in many situations in which they embodied romance.
Amr Diab gave “El-Sherbiny” 3 romantic songs during their relationship (Ajmal Ayyoun), (Zay What You) and (Places of Night).
Dina El-Sherbiny left the house that Amr Diab brings her together after a recent dispute that occurred between them while they were spending an evening in one of the coastal places a few days ago.
As a result of the problem, she moved to another house far from their current home and decided to punish him by refusing
Attending a private party they performed.
Amr Diab revived a private wedding, during which the new look appeared with the blond hair that he had recently adopted.
Amr Diab claimed that the reason for her absence was her preoccupation with filming the “30 March” film, which belongs to the type of psycho-drama.

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