Two new obstacles on Messi’s road .. Even “safe exit” is no longer safe


The source revealed that Manchester City, England, is the most capable destination MessiHe dismissed the deal, due to the Argentine star’s old age, as well as his exaggerated salary.

And last summer, a crisis arose between Messi, 33, andBarcelona Due to the striker’s desire to leave, following a very bad season for the Catalans.

Messi wanted to activate a clause allowing him to leave for free a year before the end of his contract, but the club insisted on paying the penalty clause of 700 million euros before the exit door was opened to him.

In the end, Messi said that he will stay in Barcelona for one season until the end of his contract in the summer of 2021, but his exit at this time is no longer certain, according to the latest developments.

According to “Sky Sports”, the coach of Manchester City, Josep Guardiola, who has a good relationship with Messi, stopped his plan to persuade the player to join Manchester City.

The network quoted the well-known Spanish football expert Simra Hunter as saying: “I learned from a source familiar with the situation that Manchester City Will not enter the competition to include Messi. Based on the information that I have until today, this door is closed. “

Hunter added, “Manchester City has two reasons: age and money. As for age, Messi is heading to the last years of his career. Messi will include something other than the one we saw over 17 years at Barcelona.”

The football expert added, “Even he himself said that his career is nearing the end.”

He explained: “This is also related to his salary, because even if Manchester City included him for free (after the end of his contract) his wages are very high. It will cost the club about 100 million euros annually. This will be very stressful for any club, especially given that we are in the middle of the Corona crisis.”


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