Twitter launches the temporary tweets feature


Twitter hopes that temporary tweets will encourage the sharing of more casual, everyday thoughts

Like other messaging and social media apps, Twitter has launched its new feature related to temporary tweets that disappear after a specified period (24 hours after they are published). In his post, Twitter confirmed that the aim of the public conversation service is to go and see what happens, and he pointed out that some people see Twitter as pressure to collect retweeting and liking, while a number of these tweets remain “in drafts”. So this feature will help – according to Twitter – to give the tweeters “more comfort”, so that “everyone can easily join the conversations in a new way, with their fleeting thoughts.” Twitter emphasizes that temporary tweets are designed to calm the fears of new users who do not like the general and persistent nature of regular tweets. And this feature began to be tested in Brazil, to keep pace with the social media movement and its requirements. It is known that the “LinkedIn” network began to test it before Twitter. The most popular Twitter site hopes that temporary tweets will encourage users to share a lot of spontaneous daily thoughts, more than permanent tweets that remain and do not disappear, and cannot be modified. Twitter explained in this regard, that temporary tweets cannot be re-shared, and it cannot be liked, but rather allows other users to reply to them, so that those responses appear as private messages on the original tweet, but not as public tweets. Note that temporary tweets cannot appear in search results.


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