Tunisian referee Balnasser remembers Maradona’s hand in the match of the century


Despite the many goals he scored against the competitors, whether with the national team Argentina Or with the clubs that carried their shirts throughout his career, but his first goal against England goalkeeper Peter Shelton in the 1986 World Cup quarter-final match has so far been one of the most famous goals not only in the history of the World Cup finals, but also in the history of world football.

In that match hosted by the “Azteca” stadium in Mexico on June 22, 1986, and managed by Tunisian referee Ali Balnasser, Diego Maradona succeeded in deceiving everyone when he scored a goal with his hand that the Tunisian referee considered despite the protests of the English goalkeeper.Peter Shelton“.

Four minutes later, Maradona scored a second goal in which he decided to qualify for the semi-final round, and his second goal in that match was chosen the most beautiful goal in history. The World Cup.

After the match, the British newspapers launched a harsh criticism Tunisian rule Ali Balnasr For calculating a goal by hand, but Maradona said after that, his famous saying: “The hand of God is the one who scored that goal,” in an indication that none of those who were on the stadium did not see the mistake that Maradona made at the time.

The fame of the Tunisian referee Ali Balnasser increased after that World Cup due to his connection with a match that observers considered the twentieth century match as a goal. Maradona They were chosen from among the 10 most popular goals in the history of the competition.

Ali Balnasser told Sky News Arabia about the story of the first goal, or the goal of the “Hand of God” as it was called by international newspapers: “The instructions of the International Football Association were clear in that World Cup towards the referees, and that the decision of the assistant referee takes precedence if he is in a better place to inspect The shot, I did not want to oppose the decision of my assistant, the Bulgarian “Duchaf”, although England goalkeeper Peter Shelton rushed towards me to inform me that the goal was scored by hand, but no one on the field was able to discern the mistake. “

The former Tunisian referee confirmed in statements singled out by Sky News Arabia: “Maradona’s goal against Shelton is one of the most famous goals, but the match itself is one of the best matches I managed, as FIFA gave me a distinguished number at the time, and despite the mistake I think that this confrontation will remain the most prominent of my career. It also witnessed a second miraculous goal, which was decided by Maradona Qualifying card For Argentina. “

Bin Nasser revealed that Maradona owes him the scoring of the century’s goalThe most beautiful goal in the history of the World Cup It was the second goal for Argentina in that match, which Diego scored when he broke through the entire England defense and cut half of the field to put the ball in the net.

Balnasser added to Sky News Arabia: “Maradona did not score this goal alone, I helped him in that by giving him the priority, even though I put the whistle in my mouth and prepared to announce a mistake in his favor or a penalty kick when he entered the forbidden areas, I was running after him and I would intervene to stop the attack. But I did not, because Maradona shot off like an arrow and did not leave the ball until after he put it in the net. I am proud that I participated in an immortal match. “

The late Argentine player visited Ali Bin Nasser, the referee of that match, at his home in the capital Tunis in August 2015, during a trip to Tunisia as part of a propaganda campaign for a company.

Balnasser said that he was very happy with that visit, which showed a humble and beautiful personality to Maradona, who gifted the Tunisian government a national team shirt. Tango Which he played in the 1986 World Cup and crowned it after winning the final round at the expense of West Germany (3-2).

For his part, Balnasser presented to the former Argentina striker, a picture they gathered with England captain Peter Shilton, before the start of the match was fired.


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