Tunisia Dialogue … Libyan parties end the first session without understandings regarding a “road map”


The Libyan parties in Tunisia ended the first dialogue session on Monday evening without reaching understandings regarding the roadmap that could be followed to produce actual and tangible results that support what has been done.

The Libyan teams finished in Tunisia The first dialogue session was held on Monday evening without reaching understandings on the road map that could be followed to produce actual and tangible results that support what was previously reached in Bouznika, Geneva and Cairo.

In a statement to “Erm News”, Libyan Parliament member Ali Omar Al-Takbali stated that the opening session was held in absolute secrecy, where the participants were asked to turn off their phones and the media were prevented from accompanying the session and its content, indicating that the first day was limited to presenting “some speeches.” The general public is like that the dialogue is taking place according to three tracks, economic, political and military. Other than that, the first day’s session did not witness much progress, he said.


Al-Takbali added that the coming days may make progress with which the vision becomes clear regarding the possible outcomes of the dialogue, noting that the published agenda does not include in detail the possible understandings and areas of common interest among the participants in the dialogue.

The Libyan MP confirmed that the opening speeches delivered in the first session did not include indications of consensus regarding the main axes and possible outcomes of the Libyan dialogue, as he put it.

For his part, a Libyan source who accompanied the dialogue session confirmed to “Erm News” that differences still exist regarding the representation of the Libyan regions in this dialogue, despite the assurances of the UN envoy Stephanie Williams and her saying that the participants in the forum represent the various Libyan living forces and the diversity of Libya and represent 13 electoral regions.


The source, who refused to be identified, explained that there is great dissatisfaction with the absence of representatives from Tarhuna, which includes more than a third of the population of Libya and is one of the largest Libyan cities of weight and strategic weight, indicating that the absence of representatives represents an insult to it and may reflect a conspiracy by the parties. Others inside Libya to keep this city out of the circle of participants in developing a vision for the future of Libya, he said.

The source added that the first day’s session included general speech and hints at the efforts of the Libyan dialogue parties to find consensus on how to hold elections, how to choose a new presidential council, and how to lay the foundations for a political solution that satisfies all parties.


The source indicated that there are differences between the interlocutors on these points, considering that most of the participants in the dialogue are looking for a positioning of power before they search for the interest of Libya, as he put it.

According to the UN mission, the dialogue, which will continue for a period of six days in Tunisia and will be held under the slogan “Libya First”, aims to achieve a unified vision about the governance framework and arrangements that will lead to holding national elections in the shortest possible time frame, in order to restore Libya’s sovereignty and the democratic legitimacy of Libyan institutions. .

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