Trump: Fraud and lack of legitimacy in Pennsylvania – One World – the US presidential election


US President Donald Trump said he will appeal the case in Pennsylvania, citing fraud and illegal practices in counting the state’s voters ’votes..

Trump tweeted on his social media page late Saturday night: “The number of ballots that our campaign is contesting in Pennsylvania is much greater than the difference of 81,000 votes. That’s not even close to that number. Fraud and illegality are part of it.” Great case“.

Earlier on Saturday, a federal appeals court in the US state of Pennsylvania rejected an appeal filed by Trump as part of a lawsuit alleging massive voter fraud. The court said the fraud allegations emanated from the Trump campaign It has no basis.

Judge Stephanos Pepas wrote: “Describing the elections as unfair does not make them so. The accusations require specific allegations and then evidence. We have nothing of that here.”.

Jenna Ellis, the Trump team’s lawyer, did not acquiesce in the decision, and said on Twitter that “the judicial apparatus active in Pennsylvania continues to cover up allegations of mass fraud.

Ellis pledged to refer the case to the Supreme Court in Washington.

Trump insistently refuses to admit defeat to Democratic candidate Joe Biden, and claims that there was massive fraud in the elections that took place on the third of this month..



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