Treachery runs in the blood of Bin Zayed … A Saudi intelligence report reveals Satan’s treachery with bin Salman


A famous tweet revealed the details of a dangerous report submitted by Saudi intelligence in Yemen to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, revealing the treachery of Satan Mohammed bin Zayed with the Saudis and their manipulation in the Yemen war.

In a series of tweets monitored by “Watan”, the Qatari tweet, “Boughanim,” said that the Saudi intelligence report revealed that the UAE has deliberately erred in its field coordinates, which made the Saudi forces target their allies and tribesmen loyal to them, so that the Saudi high leaders became annoyed about this matter. .

Boughanim added: “The Saudi intelligence confirmed that the Emirati intelligence sends the coordinates of the sites of the Islah party and the tribes as sites for the Houthis, which made us lose the sites and positions of the tribes loyal to us,” indicating that he had uploaded a book that included the separation of the joint operations room between the Saudi and Emirati army due to the deliberation of the UAE army.

The Qatari tweet added: “Saudi intelligence has submitted its report since October to Bin Salman’s office, without there being a response or instructions to the Saudi army or the separation of the joint operations room, which makes the field situation in Yemen difficult.”

He continued: “My personal opinion, the timing of the report is very strange. We, as ordinary singers, used to repeat this statement and say that the Emiratis are not trustworthy with them, and when after 5 years this talk comes out. Why did you leak the report now to the media .. ?? What is the purpose behind the leak .. ?? ”.

He added: “What about the other common files between Saudi Arabia and the UAE .. ?? Will Saudi Arabia, after the leak of this report, be able to settle something, and not like its habit, subject to the UAE .. ?? Conclusion … I continue to repeat Mohammed bin Salman his chicken, which has no decision before bin Zayed.

Hidden differences have exacerbated within the intelligence centers, between Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, against the backdrop of the war in Yemen since 2015, and Abu Dhabi’s use of its influence in the coalition to liquidate its Yemeni opponents.

According to the “Gulf Online” website, security information talked about raising the leadership of the Saudi forces, which are part of the Arab coalition in Yemen, reports calling for a rearrangement of the powers of the intelligence centers of the countries participating in the coalition, mainly with the UAE.

The reports, which were filed last October by Saudi officers, revealed widespread differences and conflicts in coordination between the Saudi intelligence service and its Emirati counterpart, which “led to a decline in the accuracy of the military operations targeting the Houthi militia in Yemen.”

Among these information, “The Brigadier General of the Saudi Army, Abdul Rahman Masoudi, formally requested from the leadership of the Ministry of Defense headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the necessity to start separating the Saudi intelligence activity from the Emirati intelligence activity.

And “Masoudi” is one of the officers of the Saudi intelligence service participating in the intelligence team in Yemen, and one of those who supervised the preparation of the submitted reports.

The information obtained by Al-Khaleej Online indicated that the Saudi officer explained in one of his reports submitted to Bin Salman’s private office that the UAE intelligence agency “began to deliberately pass information to the Arab coalition indicating the existence of terrorist organizations’ sites ”.

She added, “After the coalition dealt with these sites according to the information and coordinates provided by the Emirati side, it turned out that they are sites of the Yemeni army.”

According to reports submitted by the Saudi intelligence service, “information was obtained indicating that the UAE intelligence service is deliberately misleading the military forces, especially the air forces, with the aim of liquidating formations and groups within the Yemeni army.”

The Saudi officer, Masoudi, indicated in the report, that the groups that were targeted by the air force in the coalition “included tribal combat units, and through intelligence activity it was found that they were from the anti-UAE military group in Yemen.”

It is worth noting that Saudi Arabia leads a military coalition that includes Arab countries, including the Emirates, and has supported Yemeni government forces against the Houthis since 2015, who have controlled governorates, including the capital, Sana’a, since 2014.

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