Tottenham prepares for Son Heung’s contract renewal negotiations


Get ready for a club Tottenham The Englishman is in talks with the team’s star Son Heung-min about the renewal of his contract, English press reports said today.

The South Korean player’s current contract with Tottenham is set to expire in 2023.

Son Heung-min is performing under coach Jose Mourinho this season, which prompted Tottenham’s management to consider renewing his contract in exchange for an attractive salary.

According to the English “Guardian” newspaper, Tottenham officials intend to open talks to renew Son Heung’s contract in the coming period.

She explained that the new contract for Sun Heung will be in effect until 2025 or 2026.

It reported that Son Heung will receive a salary of 200,000 pounds under the new contract, compared to his current salary of 140,000 pounds.

She indicated that in the event that this happened, Son Heung would join the list of highest-paid players in Tottenham, along with Harry Kane وتانجي ندومبيلي.


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