Top 5: The death of Saeb Erekat … and the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars warns of the Brotherhood


From the death of the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization to the announcement by the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars that the Muslim Brotherhood is a “terrorist group” and its warning against belonging to it or sympathy with it, here is a daily summary from CNN in Arabic with the headings of some of the most prominent various stories from the Middle East and the world.
Saudi Council of Senior Scholars: The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist group that does not represent Islam

The Saudi Council of Senior Scholars announced, in a statement, Tuesday, that the Muslim Brotherhood is a “terrorist group that does not represent the approach of Islam,” warning against affiliation with it or sympathy with it.

The death of Saeb Erekat, the man who did not abandon the “impossible mission” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Saeb Erekat was a man with an impossible mission, but one he had never shied away from. He was the head of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s negotiating affairs department for decades, responsible for finding common ground with Israel that would lead to a peace agreement and a two-state solution.

Erdogan congratulates Biden 3 days after his victory: Challenges require us to strive to develop relations

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent a congratulatory message to US President-elect Joe Biden, according to the official Turkish Anatolia News Agency, Tuesday, 3 days after Biden’s victory was announced.

Pfizer chief on the Corona vaccine: It will be “the biggest medical advance in 100 years.”

Pfizer CEO Albert Burla described that “the Covid-19 vaccine will be the“ largest medical advance in 100 years. ”Pfizer announced earlier, on Monday, that the vaccine is more than 90% effective according to early data. .

That’s the secret of Kamala Harris wearing the white suit during her award speech

Evoking the history of women in American politics, from the women’s suffrage movement to Hillary Clinton, the white suit of US Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris, was a symbol of solidarity.


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