Today, the film “No One Is There” was shown at the Opera, in the presence of its director Ahmed Magdy


Today, the Film Association organizes, at seven in the evening, a screening of the film “No One Is There” at the Hanager Cinema at the Egyptian Opera House, in the presence of its director, artist Ahmed Magdy, and critic Essam Zakaria, who is conducting a post-work discussion.

The fortieth session of the Cairo International Film Festival witnessed its first showing. He also participated in the 17th session of the International Film Festival in Marrakech, and was shown at the International Film Festival Across the Sahara in Morocco.

The events of the film take place in the empty streets of the city except for its ghosts. Ahmed finds himself lost without faith, but tonight he must help a girl he does not know to have an abortion. To get the required sum, he gets involved with a group led by another girl who wants to uncover the secret of the giraffe hidden in the zoo.

The film was written and directed by Ahmed Magdy, and starring Amr Hosni, Shatha Muharram, Heidi Qousa, Salma Hassan, Rasha Magdy, Muhammad Al-Badawi and Usama Gawish, and received a horizon grant for support from the Arab Fund for Culture and Arts and the Sanad Film Support Fund grant from the Abu Dhabi Film Festival.

The last appearance of the artist Ahmed Magdy in the month of Ramadan was through the series “A Chance Tania”, dealing with the drama of Muhammad Sayed Bashir, written by Mustafa Jamal Hashem, directed by Mark Adel and produced by Synergy Company, and starring Yasmine Sabry, Ahmed Magdy, Ayten Amer, Heba Magdy, Diab, Edward Mahmoud Al-Bazawi, Heba Abdel-Ghani, Sarah Al-Shamy, Muhammad Abu Dawood, Ahmed Al-Shami, Nihal Anbar, Omar Al-Shenawi, and Muhammad Jumaa.


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