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British actor Dave Broz, who played Darth Vader in the first Star Wars trilogy, has died at the age of 85.

Bruce’s agent Thomas Poyington said he passed away on Saturday morning, describing it as a loss to him and his fans around the world.

Dave Broz, who went from weightlifting to acting, got the role of “Darth Vader” thanks to his massive build and was 1.98 meters tall.

Dave Broz went from weightlifting to acting and landed the role “Darth Vader” thanks to his massive build

And the people in charge of the work chose an alternative actor, James Earl Jones, to put his voice on the character played by Broz, who comes from Bristol, in western England, after they considered that his voice was not suitable for the role.

He represented England’s prominence in the Commonwealth Games weightlifting tournaments in the early 1960s before entering the world of acting.

“Darth Vader” entered the history of cinema as an evil figure, and Dave Broz told AFP in 2013 at a festival dedicated to “Star Wars” in France that “Vader is the most important villain of the big screen of all time.”

The emergence of several countries around the world traveled to meet fans of the famous trilogy that was shown in the early eighties.


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