Tips to reduce the risk … How do you live with a Corona patient in one house?


Capitals – When the Corona epidemic began to spread during the first months of this year, almost every infected person was lying in the hospital in the midst of intensive care, whether he had symptoms or remained in good health, but after about a year this was no longer possible.

Since those infected with the Coronavirus now remain in their homes if they do not show symptoms, or if they suffer only mild symptoms, experts recommend taking into account preventive measures if a person is in the same house with an infected person.

Doctors warn that a person who is in the same house with a person with Corona, the risk of contracting Corona increases by 50 percent compared to those who live in homes where no carrier of the infection lives.

According to the “Healthline” site, the first thing that a medical expert recommends, Scott Bronston, is the initiative to conduct an examination in the event that anyone who lives with him discovers that he has contracted corona, and he was diagnosed with positive.

Even if the result appears negative, and the patient’s neighbor is not infected, he is obligated to quarantine, and then re-examination again a few days later.

In some cases, the amount of the virus is minimal in the person’s body, and it is not detected during the first days of infection, and if the examination is repeated again, the matter becomes clearer.

Upon discovering the infection, the person carrying the infection should reduce his contact with others as much as possible, as well as keep a separation distance of about two meters with anyone approaching him, and not touch anyone at all.

To reduce the risk as much as possible, experts recommend wearing a mask indoors, taking care to ventilate and open windows, because the virus spreads easier and faster in closed places.

In addition, experts advise sterilizing surfaces that may be carrying the infection, as well as avoiding using the same bathroom that the infected person enters.

They also recommend that all tools or clothes that the patient touches should be sterilized by known methods, with emphasis on the use of disinfectants or sterilizers that contain alcohol.

Experts urge those who are infected with Corona or live with an infected person, to resort to reliable sources in order to obtain information about the most appropriate way to deal with the situation, especially since many “myths” are spread about Corona.

Although the treatment protocol has changed, and many infected people remain in their homes, the virus remains of high risk in light of the lack of a vaccine and medicine against Corona, on a wide scale.

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