Tigrayan conflict: Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed vows to launch a “decisive” attack on the provincial capital


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has warned that the three-day deadline for the surrender of rebel forces in Tigray has expired, and he warned that this could pave the way for a final and decisive attack on Mikkeli, the capital of the Northern Territory.

“The three-day period granted to the Tigrayans’ special forces and militias to surrender to the National Defense … has ended today,” Abe said in a statement posted on Facebook.

“After this deadline ends, the final decisive work to implement the law will be completed in the coming days,” he added.

A statement posted on the official Twitter account of the Prime Minister’s Office stated that the Ethiopian National Defense Forces had carried out what was described as “precision air operations” outside the northern region of the capital of Tigray-Mikeli.


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