Three things people do not want!


(OTV News Introduction / Sunday 15 November 2020)

Three things people do not want today: unjustified hostility with brotherly and friendly countries, turning back the scales of national partnership, and leaving the financial and living crises unaddressed.
Is this too much?
The relationship with brotherly and friendly countries – all brotherly and friendly countries – is a Lebanese interest before it is an interest for others. With the exception of the initial position on the Israeli enemy, it is evident that the official Lebanon does not adopt the position of any internal party or its convictions in relation to other countries, and this is what has actually happened since the first day of this covenant. The enemy, from Iran to the United States, and from Syria to the Gulf states.
As for the national partnership that reached its extent for the first time since Taif after the election of General Michel Aoun as president, whether in the formation of the government or the election law, and all that is branched out from them, there is no interest for any Lebanese component to turn against it, and what are some surprising practices recently in the context of the consultations to form the new government, However, political attempts are rejected by all sects and sects that uphold parity, the Charter and national unity at the same time.
As for the financial and living crisis, the road map is clear: First, a government formation based on balance and efficiency. Second, realistic negotiations with the international community to liquidate Sidr loans, and with the International Monetary Fund, to reach a program that would help Lebanon recover. And thirdly, impulsion in word and deed, with persistence and firmness,
On the reform path, which is one of its most prominent headlines today, the criminal scrutiny that has transformed the current era from a political position to a government decision and an executive contract with a specialized company.
In this context, the head of the Free Patriotic Movement settled the debate, stressing that the anatomical scrutiny of the accounts of the Banque du Liban is a national duty and an absolute priority, and a door for scrutiny of all public spending, because it shows the financial gap, shows the crimes, and reveals the fate of the looted, gifted and transferred funds. Bassil stressed that the government must impose scrutiny by the force of existing laws, the House of Representatives should support and immunize, and the Banque du Liban must respond immediately under the pressure of people’s rights. Bassil concluded: The movement is one and decisive about this demand, and every talk about introducing an additional law, if necessary, and if it is secure to pass it, is a matter of keenness to complete the investigation and not obstruct it.
Both. What people ask is not much.
But the well-known system seems determined to deny them even this little.
It’s the bottom line at this point, but hope is great.

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