According to the source, these attempts are for theft High-sensitivity information that comes as major companies obtain a license for the emergency use of vaccines and anti-disease drugs.Covid-19“.

But this business is not a new thing, at the beginning The epidemicAlso, there are some reports of similar cyber attacks in order to steal data on the genetic characteristics of the virus.

Western intelligence services are moving, in a state of alert in order to avoid any theft of this kind, he stressed British Cybersecurity Office He is committed to protecting the country’s resources, but he hasn’t said much about it.

Adam Myers, a vice president of the “Crowd Strike” company specializing in Digital securityCountries like China and Iran have been working hard to infiltrate Western companies and agencies over the past 20 years.

But what happened after March 2020, according to the security expert, is that this Cyber ​​attacks It focuses on the topic of the Corona epidemic, which has caused an unprecedented crisis in the world.

He reported developing a vaccine against Corona It turned into a matter of “national pride,” meaning who could be the first country to prepare a vaccine against infection.

The accused countries deny that they are actually involved in these cyber attacks seeking to steal secrets about Corona vaccines and drugs.

Experts believe that these cyber attacks are not being launched before Hackers Individuals, but by people connected to intelligence and defense agencies in their countries.

Earlier, some reports stated that British and Canadian laboratories working on the Corona vaccine were subjected to electronic attacks by hackers with the slogan the Russian bearIt is likely that the Russian “warm bear” group is responsible, while some talk about its link to the internal security apparatus in Russia.

Last May, hackers linked to Iran were accused of trying to steal secrets from the US pharmaceutical company, Gilead Research, and attempted to infiltrate through an online account of a senior company official.

Currently, cybersecurity experts in Britain exclude that these hackers have succeeded in obtaining valuable information about vaccines and drugs that are being developed to curb the Corona epidemic.


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