The world’s first anti-bacterial phone


Alfaqna- The British newspaper Daily Mail revealed that Bullet will launch the first anti-bacterial phone in the world, capable of stopping the spread of germs, called “Cat S42”.

According to the newspaper, the device can currently be bought for £ 229, but models equipped with biomaster anti-microbial technology will not be available until early 2021.

The company then hopes to provide other Cat phones with the new technology, later next year.

Thanks to the silver ions embedded in the phone’s materials, the new technology fights the spread of bacteria, during the manufacturing process. The company maintains that the biomaster technology reduces the number of bacteria by 80 percent within 15 minutes, and 99.9 percent within 24 hours.

The device is also completely waterproof and should be washed regularly with soap, water, disinfectants, and even bleach to keep it clean.

Peter Cunningham, Vice President at Bullitt Group, was quoted as saying: “This is vital for those who work in a health or social care environment, and for those who visit multiple locations for their jobs. Using a Cat phone really gives them confidence in their ability to wash and sterilize it regularly or between visits. .
“Adding anti-microbial product protection to CATS42 will make it safer for users – this is an important feature at the moment,” he said.

Although the phone does not effectively neutralize bacteria or viruses, including Covid-19, it stops the spread and reproduction of pathogens.

The phone was also water resistant to 1.5 meters (five feet) for 35 minutes, and as part of the test, it was repeatedly dropped onto steel from 6 feet (1.8 meters) in the air.

The device is also immune to dirt, dust, temperature fluctuations and vibration.

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