The US Navy reveals the reason for the return of the aircraft carrier to the Gulf


Tensions rose dramatically in the region after the assassination Mohsen FakhrizadehFriday, which no one has yet adopted, except that Iran Loaded Israel Close ally of the United States responsibility.

A spokeswoman reported US Fifth FleetRebecca Rebaric, that the comeback of the WarshipsWed, in command of the aircraft carrier. “USS NimitzThe nuclear powered propulsion system is not associated with any ‘specific threats’.

“There were no specific threats that brought the group back,” she said in a statement The aircraft carrier Nimitz Offensive. “

Ribaric added, “A comeback Nimitz It focuses on Sentcom’s ability to remain in a state of readiness and readiness to maintain regional stability and security. “

وقال The Pentagon Earlier, the group would secure combat support and air cover, with the withdrawal of thousands of American soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan in mid-January, by order of President Donald Trump.

Two thousand soldiers will be withdrawn from Afghanistan and 500 from Iraq, making the remaining number of soldiers deployed around 2,500 in each country.

The fleet, led by Nimitz, was joined by one of the largest Warships In the world, to Australia, India and Japan in scheduled maneuvers in the Arabian Sea.

The account of the Fifth Fleet on “Twitter” showed pictures of fighters taking off from Nimitz for sorties, Saturday.

The aircraft carrier group typically consists of a cruiser, a fleet of destroyers, and a fighter aircraft squadron.


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