The US ban prevents us from getting advance payments for Corona vaccines


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A spokeswoman for the Iranian Ministry of Health, Sima Sadat Larry, told TV on Friday that US measures prevent Iran from providing advance payments for the global “Kovacs” initiative that was launched to provide the poorest countries with vaccines to prevent the emerging corona virus, at a time when deaths from the disease continued in The increase in the Middle East countries most affected by the pandemic.

“The advance payments for our country to participate in Kovacs are in effect, but due to the cowardly embargo imposed by the Americans and the problems in converting the currency, this has not happened yet,” said Larry.

The Ministry of Health reported, earlier Friday, that Iran, which, according to the health authorities, is struggling with a third wave of Coronavirus, is considering imposing a complete lockdown for two weeks in the capital, Tehran, with the number of deaths due to the disease increasing by 461 to 40,582 cases.


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