The twenty pledges to cover the costs of a fair distribution of Corona vaccines


Twenty Group

G20 leaders pledged that their countries would cover the costs of equitable distribution of coronavirus vaccines, medicines, and tests around the world, so that the poorest countries were not excluded.

The G20 said in a draft statement for its meeting held today: “We will spare no effort to ensure that vaccines arrive at reasonable and equitable prices to all people, in line with members’ commitments to stimulate innovation.”

She stressed that it remains determined to support developing countries in their challenges, noting that they are committed to meeting remaining global financing needs, and encouraging multilateral development banks to make more efforts to enhance financial support to countries.

She pointed out that she will work to ensure that the Corona epidemic does not lead to wide disparities between the sexes, and undermine the progress achieved in recent years, calling for a significant increase in investment in agriculture and food systems, to meet the challenge of food crises in the world.

She called on the World Bank to expand its work and help mobilize private financing for low-income developing countries, stressing that it is committed to improving global epidemiological preparedness, prevention, detection and response.

Source: “Reuters”


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