The terms of reference of patient rights care committees in mental health facilities … Know them


Article (38) of the Psychiatric Patient Care Law stipulates that each mental health facility shall form a committee to take care of patients’ rights by a decision of the facility manager, as follows:

1- One of the psychiatrists in charge of the facility (Chairman).

2 – A patient’s family or a member of a civil society interested in patients’ rights.

3- A social worker in the facility, if any.

4- A representative of the Regional Council for Mental Health.

5- A representative of the Nursing Authority.

This committee is concerned with taking care of the rights stipulated in this law, and conducting awareness-raising campaigns on these rights among patients and workers, and it is also concerned with receiving complaints from patients or their families and directing what is necessary, and this committee has the right to receive grievances against entry decisions, compulsory treatment and treatment orders, and submit them to health councils The committee must submit a periodic report to the relevant council, all as indicated by the executive regulations of this law.

It is worth noting that the Psychiatric Patient Care Law, in light of its recent amendments approved by the House of Representatives, includes penalties against the psychotherapist if he diagnoses or treats diseases or begins any organic treatment, which is not permissible for other than doctors to practice, inspect the patient’s body or write any Medicinal or medicinal prescriptions for him, and the introduction of the amendments, a punitive article No. (47 bis 1), which reads: “Without prejudice to any more severe punishment stipulated in the Penal Code or any other law, he shall be punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years and a fine not exceeding one hundred thousand pounds Or by one of these two penalties for whoever violates the provisions of Article 35 bis 6, and if this results in the occurrence of a permanent disability, the punishment shall be temporary hard labor and a fine of not less than one hundred thousand pounds and not exceeding five hundred thousand pounds, and the punishment shall be temporary hard labor for a period of no less than Ten years and a fine of not less than five hundred thousand pounds and not exceeding one million pounds if the aforementioned act results in the death of the patient. “


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