The strike coming from the Gulf … its effects are much greater than the effects of the port explosion


Tony Issa wrote in The Republic, if the people of power do not know the magnitude of the catastrophe resulting from sabotaging the relationship between Lebanon and the Arab Gulf countries, and they do nothing, then that is a calamity. And if they realize that and do not care, the calamity is greater. Rather, it would be justified to say: that these are conspiring not only in the interest of a specific regional axis, but also in the interest of Israel.

The Israelis laugh for a long time as they monitor the situation of the Lebanese in the Gulf. Israel has waited for a long time to get rid of this “heavy-blooded” historical rival, which gained the confidence of Arabs and Muslims, and which the West adopted as a safe station at the gate to the East, while it was mired in wars and aspires to become acceptable in its surroundings.

For 7 decades, the Israelis planned to take the place of Lebanon. Lebanon was plunged into wars and occupations, in which the Arabs were involved in the worst conspiratorial roles. In the Syrian phase, Lebanon was prevented from regaining its position as the Middle East bank, its brain, its factory, its publishing house, its hospital, its university, its media city and its tourist resort.

During this period, Arab Gulf countries invested thousands of billions of dollars in oil to achieve prosperity. However, the drilling in the rock is the one that Israel was carrying out and made it a regional superpower.

Israel’s strength is not based on military might, and rests on an economy and culture based on scientific research. According to the World Bank, Israel is the first in the world in terms of research funding, relative to national income. And here lies Lebanon’s great defeat.

Who is responsible for the collapse of Lebanon in the moment of Israel’s rise and expansion?

Lebanon was controlled by a corrupt and short-sighted crew that assumed the role of proxy for the outside. Under the Syrian tutelage, an even worse class was installed, whose only concern was to influence and plunder the state. With the Syrians leaving in 2005, this class consolidated its control and prevented change. To this end, it played sectarian and denominational cards.

The Syrian used to “install proxies” and say to them: Take whatever gains you want and calculate my account, and leave me the political, military and security decisions. After 2005, Hezbollah, that is, Iran, inherited Syria’s place in the game. It is this formula that destroyed the country.

Today, the Middle East is entering a fateful phase. While Lebanon is fading economically, financially and monetarily, and is subjected to sanctions by the Americans and the siege of Arabs due to its hostility to them in favor of Iran, the Israelis opened the door to normalization wide.

The Israelis, with the Arab countries that normalize their relations with them, paint the future of the two sides for decades to come, and engage together as partners in owning or managing many institutions, projects and facilities.

More than 400,000 Lebanese work in the Arabian Gulf. There are about 200,000 other Lebanese who deal with Gulf institutions, from abroad, or cooperate with them. They all work in these sectors, which the Israelis are entering rapidly. Will they deal with the fait accompli?

The Lebanese, and subsequently their government, may be required to declare that they are not against normalization, or that they are with him, in order to preserve their positions. But any Lebanese who supports normalization is today classified as a traitor. It will only become patriotic if Iran finds, one day, that normalization suits its interests.

So, the Lebanese working in the Gulf or with Gulf institutions began to face a difficult choice. These contribute to the sustenance of more than a million Lebanese, many of whom are below the poverty line, that is, nearly a quarter of the Lebanese. What disaster would happen if Lebanon began to receive the processions of its children returning from the Gulf, who turned the desert into a paradise, into a paradise that became a desert?

Lebanon should admit that the Arab Gulf states have always tried to help it, and still have, but the authority here is returning the favor by standing with Iran. And the remittances of the Lebanese from the Gulf, which were about 4 billion dollars annually, are said to have been halved. This is an amount that remains very vital for a collapsed country. But what will remain of the dollars if the patience of the Gulf runs out?

All this is happening while Israel has begun to realize its historic dream of expanding in the Arab environment, with the support of the United States, Europe, Russia and even China, which cannot implement the Silk Road without normalization that links the Gulf to Israel, and Turkey and Israel as well.

As a reminder, the Chinese are the ones who are undertaking the expansion and development of Haifa Port, with tens of billions of dollars, and with it a transportation network towards the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, that is, the line that the Israelis aspire to implement, and which will make Haifa the crossing bridge between the Arabs and Europe, while the port of Beirut is destroyed and there is no prospect for its reconstruction.

It is interesting that the Lebanese are candidates to leave the Gulf, leaving behind the glories of the past, while the Israelis enter it and participate with its people in making the future. Will the authority staff have remnants of responsibility or conscience, and then take a step to save the situation?

Experience confirms that the corruption team has no hesitation in committing any crime. Therefore, there is a great fear of a strike coming from the Gulf, which may start small and grow day after day to reach an unbearable level.

One knowledgeable says: Be true. The disaster of the Lebanese exit from the Gulf, the effects of which will be much greater than the effects of the port explosion!


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