The story of Asi El Hillani’s fainting due to our Coronavirus – Watch


Today, the singer Assi El Hallani celebrates his 50th birthday and is one of the Lebanese singers who drew attention to them in the Arab world as a whole, especially as he has a distinctive voice that is different from the voices in the singing arena.
Muhammad Muzain al-Hellani, “Asi al-Hellani,” was born on November 28, 1970 in Baalbek, Lebanon, to a large family consisting of 13 siblings and his brother. Al-Hillani discovered his talent at an early age. Lebanon to receive these sciences academically.

During his thirty years in his artistic career, Assi El-Hillani released more than twenty albums and many videos, and he also won many Arab awards and was a member of a jury in one of the most important Arab singing programs.

In 1995, Assi El Hallani married Lebanese model “Colette Paul”, and in February 1997 the couple had their eldest daughter, Marietta, and in March 1998 they had their second daughter, Dana, and in 2000 the couple had their youngest son, Al-Walid.

Assi El Hallani was exposed to a severe health crisis, as he was recently injured by falling from the horse’s back several days ago, and it was said that it was a minor accident after which he returned home, according to the statements of “Al-Hillani” business manager.

The journalist Jamal Fayyad, who visited Assi in his home to check on him after he was injured, revealed that the injury was not simple, but that the artist escaped from a grave danger, and that only God’s providence saved him from a nearly catastrophic fall.

Fayyad explained in press statements that Assi was on a walk on two horses from the horses of his farm with his newborn son, and suddenly the horse he was riding stumbled and knocked and Assi fell in front of him, so that the horse fell on his knight, and here Asi’s left cheek hit the ground after he fell on his left hand, then threw the horse all Its weight on him presses against the neck and rib cage.

He added that Asi lost consciousness completely, so Alwaleed carried him and called the escorts to come quickly and take him to the hospital, and there he lay unconscious for two consecutive days, waking up from his coma, losing memory, unaware of what happened to him. And when he began to regain consciousness and partially his memory, his first words were complemented by the question: Where is the newborn? is he okay ? Then where is Colette? He was obsessed with these two questions, and those around him kept answering the question more than once. On the third day, he corrected a little, but he forgot exactly what happened to him.

He continued that the accident resulted in several fractures in Assi’s left forearm, and small fractures in the ring and ring in his left hand. The doctor resorted to implanting two steel sticks in them to fix them under splinting. There are also partial fractures of the ribs, caused by the horse falling on it. Trauma to the left cheek caused severe swelling of the cheek and eye to the forehead. Painful bruising and swelling in the left elbow and left leg. As for the neck, the upper part of the neck bone suffered small fractures, which necessitated the implantation of its fixation.

And this was not the only crisis that Assi El-Hallani went through, as he was exposed a few days ago to infection with the new Corona virus. About this news.

“I refused to not distract the audience and the people who love me and make a media sensation, and my son Al-Walid announced with good heart, and I was surprised that the news spread on“ Social Media ”in a big way.


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