The stars mourn the novelist Farid Ramadan


Follow-up: Muhammad Hamdi Shaker
After the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities announced, last Friday evening, the departure of the Bahraini novelist, screenwriter and producer Farid Ramadan, who passed away at the age of 59 after a struggle with illness, the accounts of Emirati and Gulf stars in general have turned into an arena for mourning the late through social networking sites, especially from They collaborated with him and were combined with previous dramas. And they published pictures that gathered them together, mourning him, mourning his family, relatives and loved ones in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Gulf and all Arab countries.
Emirati producer Ali Al-Marzouki published a photo of the deceased on Instagram, and wrote on it: “May God have mercy on you, fellow scriptwriter Farid Ramadan. We offer our condolences to his family, family, and all friends and colleagues over their great misfortune.” Dr. Habib Ghuloom wrote, commenting on the death of the late: “There is no strength or power except with God, the Most High, the Great, the great novelist and the friendly Bahraini scriptwriter, Farid Ramadan, in the protection of God. We ask the Almighty God to have mercy on him and forgive him, our heartfelt condolences to his generous family and the Gulf cinematic family, we belong to God and to Him we shall return.
In a picture she collected with the deceased in an honor in the United Arab Emirates, Ghuloum’s wife, Haifa Hussain, wrote: “May God have mercy on you. We will long for your calmness and creativity.”
The Bahraini artist wrote in Ali Al-Sharqawi via “Instagram” with the publication of her last conversation with the deceased via WhatsApp, and wrote, “The tragedy of your departure will remain in our hearts.” From my childhood to now, you have been the brother, friend and professor we all loved. Even if you prolonged the absence to the eternal paradise, Farid Ramadan. ” Emirati filmmaker Nayla Al-Khaja wrote on Twitter: “Your departure is painful, Farid … God bless him, rest his peace, and honor his rest.”
The Bahraini writer and producer, Hani Al-Shaibani, commented on a picture they had gathered together within the activities of the Al Ain Film Festival, “How harmed me is the news, one of the pure, whom we do not meet often. May God have mercy on you my friend and I will live in paradise.”

A rich artistic career
The late Bahraini novelist, screenwriter, and film producer, was born on November 4, 1961, on the island of Muharraq. He began publishing his anecdotal experiences in the Bahraini and Gulf press at the beginning of the eighties of the last century. In 1984 he published his first collection of short stories, “The White”. At an early age, he worked in the Bahraini press at Al-Adwaa and Al-Ayyam newspaper, then headed the cultural section in Al-Watan newspaper, then Al-Waqt newspaper, and Hana Bahrain magazine.
Ramadan wrote for radio and television many programs, he also wrote commercial advertisements and documentaries, and a number of long and short fictional films for many directors in Bahrain, the Emirates, Iraq and Palestine, and with the Bahraini director Mohammed Rashid Bu Ali founded the Nuran Pictures Company for artistic production, and released his first fictional works. Enlightenment »; A cloud for Bab Al Bahrain in 1994 for the publications of Kalimat Book issued by the family of writers and writers in Bahrain. His novel Al-Sawafih, Maa Al-Naim, won first prize in the field of Bahraini fiction by the Ministry of Information in 2007.
Ramadan wrote scenarios for dozens of cinematic works, such as: “A Bahraini Story,” “Visitor,” “Sleeping Tree,” “Circular Spaces,” and other cinematic works. He also wrote theatrical scripts, the most important of which are: “Darb al-Musal,” which won the first prize in the Bahraini Ministry of Information’s theater writing competition in 2005.
Some of his films won prestigious awards such as “Skoun”, which won the award for best screenplay at the Gulf Film Festival for the Gulf Cooperation Council States in Kuwait 2013, and “Rainbow” as best screenplay at the Wasit International Film Festival for Short Films in Iraq 2016.


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