The sons of Mansour Al-Rahbani respond: Rima is leading wars …


The harsh response taken by the sons of the Lebanese artist Mansour Al-Rahbani against their cousin, Rima Rahbani, through an explanatory statement issued by the office of lawyer Walid Hanna, appointed by Osama and Ghadi Al-Rahbani.

The response came through a set of points that followed “a moral silence that the clients followed, according to the statement, despite their enduring the method of insulting and insulting that Rima used against the late Mansour Al-Rahbani,” as they said.

The lawyer justified the release of the statement that “Rima’s previous attempts to confront the production of Mansour Al-Rahbani aimed at portraying Mrs. Fairouz as a partner in artistic production and in writing words and compositions to give her a greater share of rights,” according to the statement, by seeking to separate Mansour and Asi in a manner contrary to facts, evidence, evidence and testimonies “, As mentioned.

The statement touched on six points of the legal status of copyright and intellectual property according to the Lebanese law, such as the prohibition of one of the authors of the authors from disposing of the composer without the consent of his partners and without a written signature. Therefore, according to the statement, Rima was invited to “review all agreements and laws that sponsor the protection of intellectual and literary rights in the country. Lebanon, especially in the field of websites and electronic applications. ”

The statement did not neglect the period of protection for the author’s material rights, which differ from those granted to the owners of the material rights of the rent belonging to the performers, that is, in the case of the Rahbani brothers, the owners of the rights of the author and the composer are the creators of these works, namely Mansour and Asi only, and after that they all inherited without exception, and they must all seek their permission when The need to exploit or alter any melody or speech.

The statement stated that the clients did not individually grant any permission to any party to exploit any of the works of the Rahbani brothers, but rather it was turned into the heirs of Asi without any response from them.

The statement also lamented the aspect of preventing the indiscriminate and “harmful” spread of the works of the Rahbani brothers on the Internet and digital platforms, and that this right belongs to the copyright owner, to denounce the clients’ claim that Rima did not prevent any random spread of these works in exchange for mentioning several examples of Rima banning parties and deleting clips About the internet.

Previous incidents were also mentioned, such as the removal of Mansour Al-Rahbani’s works from the school curricula, and according to the statement, Rima verbally affected the late Mansour, and an attempt to show him as a material benefactor from those works and accused him of stealing Badaro’s office the day after he was bombed in the Lebanese war.

The last point came about what Osama and Ghadi described as the war directed by Rima against Mansour Al-Rahbani by conducting a process of editing, filming and deleting Mansour’s presence and falsifying the facts.

How will the response that Rima will choose, whether through her official Facebook page, as is usually done or in a detailed legal way?


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