The Seleucid Lebanese National Team, an arena for settling electoral scores?


The Lebanon national basketball team is running its last training session in Bahrain today, before the Indian national team meets tomorrow, Friday, within the second window of the Asian Cup qualifiers to be held next year. Yesterday, Al Wasat Al Saloui woke up to a recording of the Lebanese national team player Ali Haidar, which was published on social media at night, in which he attacks the President of the Lebanese Basketball Association Akram Al-Halabi, announcing his retirement from playing with the national team in the event that Al-Halabi remains at the head of the federation in the upcoming elections. Haidar challenged the sports media to conduct an interview with him to talk about the crises the game is going through, and the matter reached to the attack on the sports media, accusing him of taking money in exchange for not talking about what was going on.
Haider’s speech seemed surprising in its content, timing and place. Haidar is with Lebanon 72 hours before the important meeting for Lebanon in the Asian Qualifiers. Many speculated that an event in Bahrain had prompted Haider to appear and to launch charges. It turned out later that things were going well. In a call by Al-Akhbar with the head of the mission and a member of the administrative committee, Ghazi Boustani, the latter confirmed that the atmosphere was positive and that there was no significant incident that prompted Haidar to do what he did. “The exercises are continuing well and with a high degree of discipline, seriousness and focus. Yesterday the team trained in the morning, then there was an evening training session in the Iron Hall, and the players insist on achieving a positive result against India tomorrow, and against Iraq next Sunday. Everyone here refuses to talk about it.” The recording made by the player Haidar, everyone wants to focus on tomorrow’s game, “Boustany said in a phone call with him.
Haidar, who challenged the media and exposed him to his recording, was absent from hearing as “Al-Akhbar” tried to communicate with him and inquire about the merits of the subject, and there was an exchange of messages in the morning where Haidar promised through a text message to call, but he missed hearing. I called him “Al-Akhbar” in the evening, but the player did not answer.
It appeared as if Haidar was speeding up his registration, especially since matters relating to the national team are going well. The head of the mission, Ghazi Boustani, indicated that the Lebanese Federation had provided the team with all the requirements of the camp, and therefore there is no justification for what Haider did.
So, what are the reasons behind Haidar’s sudden statement in its content and timing?
Al-Akhbar learned that Haidar holds the Lebanese Federation responsible for not holding the local championship, and thus depriving the players of their livelihood. He has always raised the voice of the necessity to launch the championship and return to life to the playgrounds.
Something that a prominent Salafi source sees as a right demand. But those who are asked about him in the first degree are the clubs before the union. The latter set three dates for the launch of the tournament, but the clubs did not show enthusiasm or launch their exercises with the exception of one or two clubs, such as Atlas. Here, the source asked, “Why does the player not blame Haider for the clubs, specifically for his club, Chanville, and ask him about the reason for not launching exercises and gathering players after setting three dates for the launch of the tournament?”
Another reason may be behind Haidar’s statements related to the arrival of words that he said from the president of the federation, Akram Al-Halabi, that included insulting Haidar and talk about “bringing him” by force to the elected. Words that were contrary to the statements of the head of the mission, Ghazi Boustani, who said that Haidar did not show reluctance to join the national team when he was called up, and therefore there is no justification for the issuance of similar words from Al-Halabi. Even the Federation, the National Teams Committee and the national team’s technical staff were aware of the players ’conditions during the preparation period in terms of their practical engagements. There are players who missed training some times due to special circumstances related to their work, and there was no problem. More than that there is more than one player who apologized for not joining In the national team, for the same reasons as Elie Chamoun and Gerard Hadidian, the federation did not issue any decisions against them, “Boustany told Al-Akhbar.

Haidar challenged the sports media to host it, but he lost sight of it!

Even the player Haidar in particular was flexible in dealing with him and with his circumstances, as he missed more than once from the exercises, the last of which was a training session on Saturday before traveling last Sunday, which was approved soon after the arrival of the player Karim Ezz El-Din and joining the mission. The national team coach, Joe Majaiss, preferred to hold an exercise outside the program, in the presence of Ezz El-Din, to further adapt to the players.
Accordingly, the narration of the words quoted by Al-Halabi about Haidar does not seem logical according to some, and even if it was correct, Haidar could have contacted Halabi and inquired from him instead of adopting the story and building on it according to what some observers confirm.
Trying to find another reason behind the player’s words and the support of some players on social media. Was there a shortfall in the budget or the details of the trip to Bahrain?
The answer comes from follow-up sources that the Union has secured all material supplies in dollars and cash, despite the economic crisis.
The team’s participation in Bahrain cost more than forty thousand dollars (17,000 allowances for entry and residence visas in the hotel and transportation expenses in Bahrain. 20 thousand dollars in exchange for travel tickets at the rate of 970 dollars per card. 5 thousand dollars for the naturalized player Ater Majok. 2500 dollars in emergency expenses in The hand of the head of the mission), in addition to 300 dollars for each player as a travel allowance, and this amount was secured by the sponsoring clothing company (6 thousand dollars) and some funds in the union account in the bank (4 thousand) and additional expenses to be guaranteed by the president of the union.
After talking about players’ restlessness about the long wait at Dubai airport (8 hours), as the station was between Lebanon and Bahrain because there was no direct line, Boustany indicated that the itinerary to Bahrain was the best available and at a high cost of nearly a thousand dollars per ticket, especially since the International Federation He obliged the Lebanese delegation to arrive three days before the match, “and therefore there was only a choice for Dubai or Egypt, but at that time the wait would be 25 hours,” Boustany says, explaining the issue of the trip.
So, is there another reason behind Haider’s statements?
An observer, a Salafi source, links the upcoming elections with the statements, responses and interaction currently taking place by many parties concerned with the elections. “There are those who exploit the national team for electoral reasons with the aim of distorting the image of the federation in front of clubs and public opinion in light of the transformation of the battle from sports to political, which is a dangerous matter in terms of FIBA, which must be noted.”
As for the federation, sources close to it say that there is a decision by the federation not to respond. “The priority is for the team in order to achieve positive results, as evidenced by that the Administrative Committee did not respond to the words of the player Haidar and did not take any decision against him.” The source close to the federation concludes his statement to “ News “.

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