The Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs asks for a warning from the Muslim Brotherhood in Friday sermons … and the dismissal of those who did not comply – (Tweet)


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“Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The “Mujtahid” account published on Twitter, today, Thursday, a tweet attached to it with a picture of a circular issued by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in which it demanded that the Friday sermon be about “a warning against groups with allegiance and organization, especially the Muslim Brotherhood.” .

The circular stated that the sermon should be about “the importance of meeting on truth, warning against separation and disagreement, and everything that affects the unity of the ranks around the guardian, warning against groups of allegiance and organization, especially the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group, explaining the misguidance of this group, and reading the statement of the Senior Council Full scholars during the sermon ”.

The ministry demanded the necessity of separating the preachers who did not implement the order by reading the statement of the Ulema Council or those who were absent from performing the sermon without an official excuse, and replacing them with others.

The Saudi Council of Senior Scholars announced, last Tuesday, that the Muslim Brotherhood “is a terrorist group that does not represent the approach of Islam, but rather aims to reach power,” noting that it “pursues its partisan goals that contradict the guidance of our true religion, conceals religion and practices what contradicts it in terms of discord and inciting discord and violence.” And terrorism ”.

The Grand Mufti of the Kingdom and the head of the Council of Senior Scholars, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al Sheikh, said that the group is lost and has nothing to do with Islam.

A secret assessment of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which was recently revealed, indicated that the Saudi position on the Muslim Brotherhood was clear and considered a source of terrorism, with bin Salman explicitly accusing them of infiltrating Saudi education and media, and promised to completely eliminate them, and he spoke clearly about the “triangle of evil.” : “The Ottomans, Iran and terrorist groups,” and that the Brotherhood are the incubators of terrorists.


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