The Saudi Ministry of Education issues an important circular due to weather conditions – One World – Al Arab


The Saudi Ministry of Education has issued an urgent and important circular regarding rain forecasts for the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Education, in its circular according to the Ajel website, said that it is in the interest of the safety of life and property and based on the report of the National Center of Meteorology; Where rain is expected in various regions of the Kingdom, and in anticipation of these circumstances, the Ministry requested the necessity of commitment to follow these measures:

The roofs of the educational buildings shall be free of waste.

Clean the sewage stream on the surfaces and coordinate with the maintenance establishment to do the necessary maintenance for the insulation layers.

The water gutters for the inner yard canopies are clean from dust, and the emergency exits are free from any obstacles.

Make sure to fix the covers for sanitation inside the school building.

The school yard and its surroundings are free of potholes.

Ensure the safety of electrical wirings, cables, exposed meters, or wires, and make sure after the school is free of contact.



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