The Saudi British Bank (SABB) celebrates the city of Riyadh – Saudi News


In conjunction with the United Nations’ celebration of the International Day of Cities, the Saudi British Bank (SABB) launched a campaign to show the urban development of Riyadh, starting from infrastructure projects aimed at improving the quality of life to the organizational initiatives that contributed to attracting global investors.

SABB prepared an introductory report bearing the name “Madinaty” that was published on the bank’s website and distributed to various customers of the bank, including individuals, institutions and companies inside and outside the Kingdom, in which he monitored the most prominent features of developments in the Kingdom at various levels to support sustainable and balanced growth programs, improve the commercial environment and attract investments Foreign, and encourage innovation.

The “Madinaty” report focused on the role of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, as it is a transformative initiative aimed at developing the Kingdom’s economy, in addition to the positive repercussions that it added to the city of Riyadh in particular, considering that it is the capital and the main center of business in the Kingdom. Which will contribute to improving the appearance and lifestyle of the city further. The report also referred to the investments made by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia throughout history to enhance and develop other social services such as health, education and entertainment.

The bank has livened up its campaign to celebrate the city of Riyadh on this global occasion, by hanging a mural on the building of the bank’s general administration, drawn by the young Saudi artist, Nora Buzo, which embodies the ancient history of Riyadh and its promising future.


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