The reusable Falcon 9 rocket sets a new record for the seventh time


Company restored SpaceX The use of a Falcon 9 missile for the seventh time, A record during its recent mission to put 60 other satellites from the constellation Starlink into orbit, and this comes as Elon Musk’s space launch company prepares for the first high-altitude test flight of a giant prototype spacecraft called SN8.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the Falcon 9 flight was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and it was the seventh time that the first stage booster was used, and this previous record was broken by six flights, which helps Musk in his mission to reduce the cost of launching payloads from Land by reusing equipment.

And managed SpaceX Of the enhanced missile recovery from the Atlantic, which means it may be able to fly for the eighth time in the future.

The reinforcer wasn’t the only part of Falcon 9 Which is reused during this trip, as stressed SpaceX, That the cover used to protect the load has also been used before, and every time you are SpaceX Able to reuse a component, it reduces the cost of acquiring materials in low Earth orbit compared to using the parts for the first time.

Research by the Center for Strategic and International Studies found that the average cost of putting one kilogram of material into orbit upon launch SpaceX It’s $ 2,600.

By comparison, however, we will find that the average cost of placing a 1 kg object in orbit from a Russian Soyuz spacecraft was $ 17,900, while the average cost of UCA Delta E was $ 177,900 per kg.

And Musk cuts this cost further with each component Falcon 9 That they can reuse, and part of that drive to reuse is pushing the development of the massive two-stage heavy lift vehicle into orbit that is completely reusable.

This has been in development since 2012 and is designed to significantly reduce the cost of each launch by completely reusing it.

The launch cost Falcon 9 One is about $ 51 million if it reuses components that were previously transported, and Musk hopes to launch the spacecraft at $ 2 million per flight.


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