The retirement of a Syrian actress best known for the role of secretary “Warda”


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The Syrian actress “Rabab Kanaan” announced her final retirement from art through her Facebook page.

And “Canaan” wrote on its personal and only page that she retired from art permanently, without revealing the reasons.

“Rabab Kanaan” is a Syrian actress, a graduate of the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts in Damascus. She appeared in several roles in Syrian drama, most notably the role of the secretary “Warda” in the series Jamil and Hana in 1997 and her role in the series The Four Seasons directed by Hatem Ali, where she played the role of “Maya”, the spoiled girl, daughter The Rich Merchant 1999 and the second part in 2002.

She also participated in several series, including “Hammam Al-Qaishani, Ahl Al-Raya, Baqat Al-Dawh, Banners of Truth, Dreams That Never Die”

Kanaan married the artist, Jihad Abdo, and gave birth to their daughter, Julia, in 1998, and they separated in 2001.


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