The Resurrection of Othman, episode 36, the true story of the end of Savaji Ibn Artagarl, historically, and how Othman eliminated him


May God’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you, my friends from the lovers and followers of the great Turkish epic, the Resurrection of Othman, who visited our dear site. How was the end of Savage historically? Was it really Othman who judged him, or was Othman the reason for the end of Savage, as there are many accusations from the Moors that he was the one who He put his brother Savgi at the forefront of the army, and this was the main reason that he was martyred in the battle. If the end of Savage, son of Artgrel, is what we will know about this, my friends.

The Resurrection of Othman, episode 36, the true story of the end of Savage

In the last days of Artgrel, when his illness became more severe and he knew that the end had definitely come, he ordered his guard Bay Gonduz to gather his three sons, who are Savage, Gonduz and Othman, and he told them I do not want you to fight among you after my death as our ancestors did before and to commit suicide between them before on The throne of sovereignty and a division occurred in the tribe, where he ordered them to pledge allegiance to their brother Othman and not to disobey him.

The founder Othman 36, the fate of Savaji, and whether Osman killed his brother

And orchestrating the intrigues and traps of the tribe, as Nicolas had recovered the castle in the last days of Artgrel and after major confrontations until he defeated him and recovered the castle again, so the called Ayia Nikola was one of the archenemies throughout the first Ottoman history, after this recovery this castle decided to unite with the rest of the Byzantine princes to eliminate the kai This ends forever and on the tribe side there was a disagreement between Othman and Saffji over the administration of the region, for Savage was inclined to rationality, but Othman liked fierce confrontations, but there was a disagreement in decisions and Othman did not like anyone to disagree with him and this is the fact that the Ottomans always do not like to disagree with them. Anyone who made any decision on the day when he was there

Osman army and confront Nikola

They are in the tribe’s council. A messenger from the group of white beards came and told Othman that Nicolas and the princes of Byzantium were preparing for war again against them, and this time more powerful than before and wiping out the tribe from its father’s reel and at this moment Osman decided to assemble the entire army and when we say that we mean it in the sense of the word where Othman gathered everyone who could carry a sword for that confrontation and with the help of the White Beards Group, which was supporting Othman as his mother’s successor.

Because this war will be either a war, whether we will be or not, and where Uthman decided to make his brother Savaji a commander in the front unit, and we do not know how Othman sacrificed his brother to this degree, so I will have a great mentality in that era, as Savgi is a warrior, daring, wit and a person of skill and cunning, so a person like this should have been employed in science And politics, not war, but in any case, Uthman set off for Mount Dunami, and the plan was that the front unit would make a sudden raid to eliminate the enemy, but this seems natural to you, but let us ask why Savage was placed at the head of the front unit that will attack first and for whom one of you does not know the methods of warfare. The front unit is called the Death or Martyrdom Library, where the front unit began the attack under the leadership of Savaji Ibn Artgrel, the Byzantine army was afflicted, but their number was very few, and after the attack they began to withdraw exactly as planned, but the Byzantine army thought that they were fleeing so the Byzantine commander asked that the soldiers run after them in order to kill them and divide The spoils

Indeed, the unit managed to escape, and the Byzantine army became in the open and exposed to Othman’s army, which lured the army with spoils, and at the appropriate moment the Byzantine army was besieged, where the trick of the war pincer was applied to them, so it became inevitable to confront Othman, and the fighting became ruthless in which the Byzantine army was completely annihilated and fled The princes of Byzantium and abandoned the soldiers and the Ottoman army won the first fierce battle of truth led by Othman against Byzantium and at the moment of victory came the voice of a soldier shouting at Mr. Othman, then Othman shouted to him and at that moment he found that his brother Savage had been martyred, Othman jumped and went to the place of Savage. Indeed, Othman cried over the loss of his brother The elder, where Othman was not given an order to kill Othman for his brother.


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