The resigned government is obligated to legalize criminal audits


Representative sources explained to Asharq Al-Awsat that the resigned government is now obligated to legalize the financial criminal audit of the state’s accounts, although there are those who oppose assigning this power to a resigned government, because it can only convene under compelling and exceptional circumstances. Its effects apply to the audit of financial accounts.

The sources pointed out that it is not permissible to skip over the need to legalize the audit process, and this is what a witness from his family witnessed, referring to the position issued at the end of the session by the head of the Parliamentary Administration and Justice Committee, Representative George Adwan, who was the spearhead in He was targeted by the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, and in pressure in support of Aoun’s message, and she said that there is no escape, as he said, from legalizing financial auditing.
The same sources confirmed that it had been previously, after the Taif Agreement, that Parliament approved the budget of a resigned government, and saw that the current government cannot submit a bill through which it wants to legalize financial auditing. Next year’s budget, and therefore it cannot ignore this matter with the expiration of the constitutional deadline to refer the draft budget to Parliament for discussion and approval. As for the second matter, it is due to the fact that the resigned government cannot sign a contract with a financial audit company, because it needs a new expense contract to cover the cost of this audit, and this prevents the government from securing it, because it carries out business on a small scale.


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