The release of the official poster and trailer for the movie Who Burns the Night by Saudi director Sarah Mesfer


Saudi director Sarah Misfer is preparing to participate in the 42nd Cairo International Film Festival with a world premiere of her short fictional film Who Burns the Night, from 2 to 10 December, through the Cinema of Tomorrow competition for short films. She also launched the official poster for the film alongside its propaganda introduction. In preparation for participating in the festival.

The movie follows the sisters Salsabil and Wasan on their engagement night, after one of them was rejected to go to the nearby grocery store, and you see after the rejection of a restriction that pushes the two sisters to discover themselves and each other and violent sides and curves that never occurred to them.

The film is starring Jana Qamari and Haya Marabi, written and directed by Sarah Mesfer, producer of Jawaher Al Amiri, co-producer Raghad Bajea and Khaled Moait, decorator Ethar Ba Omar.

Sarah Mesfer is a Saudi filmmaker, who holds a BA in Visual and Digital Production from Effat University. Sarah has worked on producing short films and various local features and has participated in local and international festivals. Her short production, Sadeya Left Sultan, won the Jury Prize at the Saudi Film Festival (2019). Sarah directed her first short film, “Girls Who Burned the Night,” and as a writer and director in “El Dabaa”, she participated in an inclusive film with other female directors supported by the Red Sea Film Festival.

The Cairo Festival revealed the locations, dates and prices of tickets and their prices, and the start will be from the main festival headquarters at the Egyptian Opera House, where the box office will be opened on December 1 and 2, starting from eleven in the morning until three in the afternoon, provided that the opening hours of the ticket window will be changed for the rest of the days. The festival starts from eleven in the morning until ten thirty in the evening, and the festival has set the price of a regular ticket of 35 pounds.

At the Odeon Cinema, the box office opens from 3 to 9 December from twelve in the morning until eleven in the evening, and the ticket price starts from 35 pounds.

As for the discussion sessions and lectures that are held within the activities of the Cairo Film Industry Days, tickets cost 40 pounds.

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