The profession is a retired actor, details of the death certificate of Sean Connery, a photo


The news of the death of the legendary Hollywood legend Sean Connery came as a shock to many of his fans and fans, and although a full month has passed since the death of the famous James Bond legend, the details of the death still top the world sites and newspapers.

Reports indicated that the real reason behind the death of Sean Connery during his sleep was due to respiratory failure as a result of pneumonia, old age, atrial fibrillation in the heart and old age, according to his death certificate revealed by the site. TMZ ” .

The “death certificate” shows that Sean Connery passed away on October 31 at 1:30 am in his home in the Bahamas, and his profession is listed as a “retired actor”.

The death certificate of Sean Connery

It is noteworthy that Sean Connery is one of the most important legends of the world of Hollywood, who has presented a huge number of successful artworks, most notably the James Bond series, in addition to a number of other films Woman of Straw ” And ” A Fine Madness ” And ” The Molly Maguires ” And ” The Wind and the Lion ” And ” Robin and Marian ” And ” The Presidio ” And ” Medicine Man And others.


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