The price of the dollar in Syria today, Wednesday, November 4, 2020


The exchange rate of the dollar against the Syrian pound fluctuated during morning trading today, Wednesday, in the parallel (black) market in Syria.

According to local media, he was registered Dollar exchange rate About 2,480 liras to buy, and 2,510 liras for sale on the parallel market.

The average price of the dollar against the pound varies according to the geographical scope of the three main governorates, “Damascus, Aleppo, and Idlib”, with differences of up to 50 liras.

While the price of the dollar in the Central Bank of Syria stabilized at 1,250 pounds for purchase and 1262 pounds for sale.

The Syrian people suffer from poor living conditions amid the devaluation of the local currency and the sharp deterioration of the economy, and according to the latest data, nearly 80% of Syrians live below the poverty line.

From 2011 to the beginning of this year, the Syrian economy incurred losses estimated at $ 530 billion, which is equivalent to 9.7 times the GDP for 2010 at constant prices.

Euro and sterling

The exchange rate of the euro against the Syrian pound on the black market was about 2905 pounds for purchase and 2946 pounds for sale.

While the sterling exchange rate recorded about 3231 pounds for purchase and 3280 pounds for sale.

Real, dirham and dinar

The exchange rate of the Saudi riyal against the Syrian pound recorded about 659 pounds for purchase and 670 pounds for sale.

While the exchange rate of the Emirati dirham recorded about 672 pounds for purchase and 683 pounds for sale.

The Kuwaiti dinar recorded about 8,080 pounds for purchase and 8,203 pounds for sale.


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