The price of the dollar in Sudan today, Saturday, November 14, 2020 … The shortage of the green currency


The average exchange rate of the dollar against the Sudanese pound stabilized in early trading today, Saturday, in the parallel “black” market, amid the shortage of supply.

The price of the dollar in Sudan, when trading opened today, was about 248 pounds, while the markets are witnessing a severe shortage of green currency supplies.

The Sudanese Central Bank fixed the price of the US currency at 55 pounds for purchase, compared to 55.27 pounds for sale.

The same rate is repeated at most of the banks and exchange companies operating in Sudan.

The US envoy to Sudan confirmed, on Thursday, that major companies such as General Electric, Bechtel and Boeing are looking to invest in Sudan.

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok and the US envoy in Khartoum, Donald Booth, discussed investment opportunities after the name of Sudan was removed from the list of terrorism.

Booth met the Sudanese Prime Minister in a series of meetings with Sudanese officials in Khartoum, to discuss the stage after Sudan was removed from the list of terrorism.

Annual inflation in Sudan recorded record rates, as it reached 229.85% last October, compared to 212.29% last September, driven by food and transportation prices, according to Sudanese Statistics Agency data.

Sudan’s foreign debt has reached $ 60 billion, and it desperately needs financial help to reorganize its economy.

And still high external debt and arrears owed by Sudan for a long time limit its access to external loans, including loans from the International Monetary Fund amounting to 1.3 billion dollars to Sudan.

The price of the euro and sterling

The average price of the euro, against the Sudanese pound, in the parallel market stabilized at about 286 pounds, while it was recorded in the Central Bank, about 64.74 pounds for purchase, and about 65.07 pounds for sale.

While the pound sterling continued to stabilize on the black market, at 316 pounds, and recorded in the central bank, about 72.63 pounds for purchase, and about 72.99 pounds for sale.

Real, dirham and dinar

In the Sudanese Central Bank, the exchange rate of the Saudi riyal stabilized at about 14.67 pounds for purchase, about 14.74 pounds for sale, and the Emirati dirham, about 14.97 pounds for purchase, and about 15.04 pounds for sale, and the Kuwaiti dinar, recorded about 179.50 pounds for purchase, and about 180.40 pounds for sale.

For the second day, the average price of Arab currencies on the black market stabilized, so the price of the Saudi riyal was recorded at 65.20 pounds, the Emirati dirham was 68 pounds, and the Kuwaiti dinar 660 pounds.


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