The price of gold turns up marginally upon settlement with the acceleration of Corona’s injuries


Gold prices varied to rise when settling trading, after strong losses earlier in the session, as concerns about the acceleration of the rate of epidemic injuries outweigh optimism about a possible vaccine.
The metal benefited from the weakening of the US currency, as gold became less expensive for holders of other currencies.
The early losses of gold were as a result of the announcement by “Moderna” that the preliminary data of the third-phase trials show that its potential vaccine against the “Covid-19” virus is nearly 95% effective in preventing the virus.
But the yellow metal turned for gains, with concerns about the increase in the number of new infections in the epidemic, bringing the total to 54.7 million infected.
Upon settlement, the price of gold futures contracts for December delivery increased marginally by 0.08%, equivalent to $ 1.6, to reach $ 1887.80 an ounce, after it was down by more than 1% in early trading.
The US dollar index, which follows the performance of the US currency against a basket of six major currencies, declined by more than 0.1% to 92.614 points, at exactly 9:42 pm Makkah time.

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