The police are looking for the trio “selfie” Maradona’s coffin


The funeral worker received death threats and some demanded that he be stripped of his Argentine nationality

The Buenos Aires City Prosecutor’s office has begun a search for the three people who took selfies with Diego Armando Maradona’s coffin.

This came in conjunction with the Argentine police, after they took pictures that annoyed the Maradona family and the Argentine people with a whole world soccer legend while he was dead.

Investigations will begin in the presence of the funeral home worker, but he will not be subject to imprisonment as he has not committed any crime under any Argentine law.

A funeral worker fired from his job for “selfie” with Maradona’s shroud

November 26

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The agency responsible for organizing the funeral of Argentine star Diego Armando Maradona has decided to dismiss one of its employees, for taking a “selfie” with the shroud of the Neapolitan player andBarcelona the previous.

A great shock to football fans around the world, after the death of Maradona on Wednesday evening, of a heart attack.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” revealed that Diego Molina, a Maradona funeral worker, had opened the shroud of the late star in order to take a picture with his body.

This caused a severe anger in Argentina after the spread of the image, as they accused Molina of defiling Maradona’s body.

The crisis did not stop there. Rather, the worker received death threats due to the strange behavior he had performed.

Molina is among those working to transfer Maradona’s body after the autopsy, before the body was transferred in preparation for the official funeral.

Maradona’s coffin comes out, accompanied by some quarrels due to the crowd flocking to cast a final look at the Argentine legend.

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The funeral hall, responsible for the entire situation, confirmed to local media that the worker had lost his job, amid demands that he would be stripped of his citizenship completely.

It is noteworthy that Maradona, who died at the age of 60, suffered several health crises, before the last heart attack that caused his death.


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