The news is first on CNN … the Trump administration’s first step toward Biden on the transfer of power


New York, USA (CNN) – The General Services Department of the administration of US President Donald Trump has addressed the administration of President-elect Joe Biden that it is ready to officially begin the process of transferring power, according to a letter sent, Monday, and obtained by CNN.

The message is the first step by the current US administration to acknowledge the defeat of Donald Trump, nearly two weeks after announcing that the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, had won the 2020 election race.

Emily Murphy, head of the Public Services Department, said that she did not take this step out of “fear or favor,” stressing that the White House did not pressure her to postpone the transfer of power, and said, “Please know that I independently reached this decision based on the law.” And facts available.

With this step, the administration of President-elect, Joe Biden, will be given more space within government agencies as well as the ability to use federal resources in background checks for Biden administration workers in the White House and elsewhere.


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