The mysteries of Corona … a new model that does not come to mind!


The “enemy of humanity” is still launching its attack on the whole world, in the absence of a vaccine or effective treatment against this epidemic that has infected millions, leaving dozens of questions unanswered so far.While the never-ending journey of searching for the mysteries and secrets of the emerging virus continues, a new study showed that Covid-19 disease worsens tinnitus, as nearly 40% of people with tinnitus reported that Corona worsened their condition, and some patients confirmed that they They had tinnitus for the first time after being infected with the virus.

Researchers from Anglia Ruskin University in the United Kingdom surveyed 3,103 people with tinnitus from 48 countries, most of them in Europe and the United States.

The results of the study also showed that Covid-19 exacerbated tinnitus in 40% of those surveyed, 54% did not notice a difference, and 6% of the participants claimed that the infection reduced tinnitus, according to “Frontiers in Public Health” magazine.Although the study was aimed at studying people who suffer from pre-existing tinnitus, the researchers also identified seven people who reported tinnitus after infection with Corona.

In addition, scientists have not determined the cause of tinnitus after the injury, as this may be due to factors such as increased anxiety and feeling lonely, due to self-isolation or quarantine.

Earlier, a 20-year-old American girl infected with the virus revealed that she had suffered from previously unannounced symptoms related to the infection, including hearing loss.

It is reported that Corona has so far infected 50,255,095 people and killed 1,256,123 around the world.


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