The Mufti of Egypt comments on Saudi Arabia’s statement on joining the Muslim Brotherhood



Shawky Allam

The Mufti of Egypt, Shawqi Allam, said that the legal position on the international Brotherhood organization is not out of whim and does not utter politics, and has a religious and legal reference, and history attests to it.

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The Mufti of Saudi Arabia attacks

Yesterday, Friday, Allam added, during his interview with the “Nazra” program broadcast on the “Sada Al Balad” channel: “We appreciate the statement issued by the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars, and we appreciate the position of His Eminence, the Mufti of the Kingdom, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Al Sheikh, as it is an important statement that places points on The letters, and it shows that the legal position prohibits belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, and its prohibition based on the scientific principles listed by the statement.

The Mufti of Egypt confirmed that Saudi Arabia’s statement regarding joining the Muslim Brotherhood was correct in his ruling, noting that the Egyptian Dar al-Iftaa forbids belonging to the Brotherhood.

Last week, Allam said that the Egyptian Dar Al Ifta is proceeding with its historic enlightenment project, exposing the falsehood of the Brotherhood and terrorist organizations, stressing, “We do not care about these malicious campaigns, and we only turn to humanity.”

It should be noted that the Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia published a statement in which it considered the Muslim Brotherhood a “terrorist group that does not represent the approach of Islam,” adding that “the group pursues its partisan goals that are contrary to the teachings of religion.”

Religious bodies in the Kingdom had previously warned in 2017 of what they called “the group’s approach based on breaking out of the state.” But what is new in the recent statement of the senior scholars is that it explicitly referred to the group as a “terrorist, not representative of Islam.”

Source: Sada Al Balad TV


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