The “last look” of the Argentinians on their Maradona legend


And the body of legend Diego Maradona arrived at the presidential palace in his country, where he will be hidden for one day so that his countrymen can cast a last look at one of the greatest and most controversial football players.

And it was Maradona He passed away on Wednesday at the age of 60 after the announcement of his death, to plunge the entire world into deep sadness over an immortal legend that many have grown up watching.

Argentine president announced Alberto Fernandes Immediately mourning for a period of three days, before announcing that the body would be kept for one day instead of the three as previously planned in the presidential palace, specifically on Thursday between six in the morning and four in the afternoon at local time, according to the family’s desire.

His ex-wife Claudia Viavagni and their two daughters Dalma and Ganinia arrived at the presidential palace before midnight on Wednesday, Thursday, in addition to many current and former players, especially his colleagues who lifted the World Cup in Mexico in 1986.

The masses had begun to stand in long lines outside the presidential palace.Casa Rosada“To pay a final salute to the legend.

Attorney John Bruyard stated that the primary autopsy results indicated that the cause of death was “secondary acute pulmonary edema and chronic heart failure”.


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