The last costly maintenance pause ‘didn’t make sense’


Sergio Perez said he was pained by losing the podium in the Imola race after the late decision to hold a pit stop, which gave Daniel Ricciardo third place.

Perez started from 11th place in Imola, but made a good start and was able to lead over six cars during the first long period on “Medium” tires, which placed him in fourth place after the pause of maintenance.

The Racing Point driver was 8 seconds ahead of Ricardo when Max Verstappen broke a hole in his tire that forced him to withdraw from the race.

Racing Point chose to recall Perez during the time of that safety car, but Ricardo and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc opted to stay on the track on “hard” tires.

Perez lost a spot when the race resumed to Danielle Kviat and was unable to overtake Leclerc in the final laps, leaving him disappointed in sixth place at the finish line.

The Mexican said: “I do not know, looking at what happened, it was not logical to stop at the time, the decision came too late, but it is easy to know the right decisions after the race.”

“It was very difficult to override today. I haven’t spoken to the team yet. They definitely have some reasons behind that decision,” he added.

He continued, “It is a painful day, as the podium was in our pocket. It is difficult to accept that. I think they are frustrated like me now.”

“We are a team, we lose together and win together. That was the wrong decision after knowing what happened,” he continued.

But he said that there are a lot of positives in performing the car in the race, where he said, “Apart from all the negatives, there are a lot of positives. That first period of the race was wonderful, it was a wonderful strategy by the team. We put ourselves in a position to win the podium. “.

And he added, “But yes, it was a painful day. Also, in terms of our competition for the championship, we simply gave the podium to Ricardo.”

Racing Point slipped from third to fifth in the constructors’ championship as a result.


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